A Jewish American, a Chinese contractor and a Greek operator want to build a train together in Jerusalem.

So far, they have agreed on a joint bid with Shapir Engineering and will bid with the Spanish Constructor CAF whereas Electra will bid with the French Alstom.

The first tackle in the tender for the Jerusalem light rail illustrates the challenge of forming the teams for the tender, like the Tower of Babel of partnership.

American businessman Howard Jonas, owner of the Telecommunications giant IDT Corporation, and behind the Oil and Gas Company, Genie Israel, informed the tender committee that he intends to bid together with the business development company Pangea, owned by Henry Orlinsky, Rafi Kaminer, Sharon Weizman-Avidar and Meir Ben Rechav.

Both companies will jointly hold the concessionaire SPC. Despite the ambiguity surrounding the Chinese participation in the work, they reported that they recruited the Chinese giant CREGC as the planning and construction contractor for the project.

CREGC, which will also serve as an integrator, is a subsidiary of China National Railways (CREC), and according to the entrepreneurs, the Chinese government has approved its participation to the project.

As the railway operator and maintenance contractor (O&M), IDT and Pangea suggest the Greek public transportation company STASY. The Greeks are operating five public transportation lines in the Athens region and, according to the group, they meet the necessary tender’s preconditions.