Making an Impact with

Digital Transformation

Explore how Pangea helps government and business organizations to create digital interactions for millions of people worldwide.

Creating Opportunities with Digital Identity

Digital identity is a vital foundation for effective government and the basis of a modern digital economy. Pangea delivers robust Digital Identity systems for the benefit of government and citizens anywhere in the world.

Government Records

Personal Identity Cards

and Visas


Making Life Simpler with Digital Services

Digital services drive social and economic growth throughout the digital economy with improved access to information, benefits and services. Pangea Digital Services help customers to deliver effective digital interactions, reduce service operation costs and increase administrative transparency.

Social Security Cards

Biometric Debit Cards


e-Payment Platform

Securing People and Data with Digital Security

Pangea digital security solutions protect people, places and organizations from a wide range of physical threats and cybersecurity risks. Our digital security solutions capture, manage and analyze multi-sensor data to identify vulnerabilities in any public environment including airports, shopping malls, office buildings and correctional facilities.




Behavior Analytics​

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Pangea in the News

The world is changing faster than ever before and new technologies are changing the way we interact with the world. See how Pangea is driving change and innovation across the digital transformation industry.

Partner with the Digital Interaction Experts

Pangea is a global expert in digital transformation with proven experience in the implementation of complex large scale projects. When you partner with Pangea you gain access to nearly 30 years of technology innovation and industry expertise.

Trusted Solution Provider

Pangea is a trusted global solution provider in eGovernment solutions and services.

Field Proven Technology

Pangea solutions are based on reliable products used daily by millions of people worldwide.

Complete Solution Offering

Pangea offers the widest range of digital and biometric documents available on the market.

Industry Expertise

Pangea brings nearly 30 years of practical know-how in large scale eGovernment projects.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Every Pangea project is supported by local , in-the-field support staff and technology specialists.

Partnership Approach

Pangea seeks to create win-win situations based on close working relationships with our partners.

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Digital Identity

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