Creating opportunities with

Digital Identity

A digital identity is the vital key that provides access to vital
public services and drives inclusive growth for all citizens.

Driving Social Inclusion with Digital Identity

Digital identity is a vital foundation for effective government and the basis of a modern digital economy. Increasingly, both governments and citizens rely on a robust digital identity system to deliver and access a wide range of public services.

Accurate Authenticated Identity

Eliminate document forgeries and identity fraud with unique tamper-proof document identification security features.

Efficient Document Production

Support the entire digital document lifecycle including registration, authentication issuance, expiry and renewal.

Convenient Digital Interactions

Increase accessibility of public services for eligible beneficiaries with fast and convenient digital interactions.

Secure Civil Registry Datacenter

Deploy a unified identity system to prevent data errors and gaps between different document management systems,.

Complete Range of
Digital Documents

Pangea delivers the widest range of digital documentation products with full compliance to international  industry standards and regulations.


Identity Cards


Full Support for Digital Identity Life-cycle

Pangea technology solutions support the entire digital document lifecycle from application and registration, to authentication, and document issue to document expiry and renewal.

Industry Compliance

Pangea digital documents fully comply with ISO and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ) standards and requirements.

Tamper-Proof Protection

Integrate multi-layer anti-fraud and counterfeit security features.

Fast Identity Verification

Easily verify identity based on strong Level 1 security features.

Full Personalization

Customize the design and security features to meet your requirements.

Tough Durable Materials

Increase document life span with high quality substrates and laminated polycarbonate coatings.

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About Pangea

Pangea is a trusted global supplier of digital transformation solutions for government and enterprise organizations. Our portfolio includes biometric identity and security solutions, e-Transaction services, and a multi-sensor analytics and insights platform. Pangea technology solutions simplify e-government procedures, improve availability and accessibility to public services, and increase public sector efficiency, governance and transparency. With nearly 30 years of experience, Pangea has gained a solid reputation for technology innovation and industry expertise based on dozens of large-scale, public sector digital identity projects and millions of authenticated documents, certificates and personal identity cards. Pangea maintains regional offices worldwide, and a research and development center located at the company headquarters in Israel.

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