Making life simpler with

Digital Services

Pangea makes it easy for citizens to access information, receive
social benefits, and pay for vital public services.

Benefits for Government and Enterprise

With digital services government and public service organizations can validate beneficiary identity,
track payment transactions and reduce service operation costs.

Ensure Accurate and Valid Payments

Digital transactions enable government to reduce handling of cash and prevent transfer of payment to non-eligible citizens.

Improve Accessibility
to Services

Support the entire digital document lifecycle including registration, authentication issuance, expiry and renewal.

Simplify Payments
and Transfers

Digital e-Payments automate money transfers to beneficiaries, with full authentication and reduced operation costs.

Increase Governance and Transparency

Improve planning of social programs, ensure efficient resource allocation and increase effectiveness of administrative processes.

Benefits to Citizens

Pangea digital documents feature multi-layer security features in full compliance with ISO and international data security standards. All documents are fully customizable based on customer requirements and specifications

How Digital Service Work

Pangea makes the transfer of social benefits and financial transactions simpler, more secure and more transparent.
All payments and services are regulated, authenticated, trackable and fully audited.

Data Security Protection

The collection, processing and use of personal data and financial transactions are fully compliant
with data security and protection laws and regulations.
Biometric Authentication

Mobile apps and debit cards feature fully integrated multi-layer biometric authentication methods.

Personal Data Protection

Pangea solutions preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all sensitive data.


Card holders can use digital identity to access associated benefits and services.

Lifecycle Management

Supports audit and update of personal data including expiry and termination, renewal and re-issue.

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