Creating a safer environment with

Digital Security

Pangea digital security solutions protect people, communities
and organizations from a diverse range of threats and risks.

Creating Safe and Secure Public Spaces

Pangea delivers a wide range of digital security technologies with everything you need to facilitate the
mass movement of people in open and closed public spaces.

Increase Situation Awareness

Identify Health
and Safety Risks

Monitor Suspect
Persons and Objects

Detect Aggressive

Prevent Theft and Shoplifting

Respond to
Real-Time Events

Improve Security

Comply to Policy Regulations

Safeguarding People and Organizations

Pangea offers highly scalable security solutions to increase accessibility, movement and safety of people
in any type of high volume public building and facility.

Multi-Sensor Operational Platform

Our multi-sensor security and investigation platform enables security professionals to resolve incidents faster, create efficient operational security procedures and enhance cross-organizational collaboration.

Real-Time Incident Management

Pangea Incident Management solutions capture, manage and analyze multi-sensor data and interactions to protect our
customers in the government and enterprise markets.

Event Monitoring

Utilize automated rule-based processes to identify and respond to potential security threats and safety risks

Analytical Insights

Increase situation awareness about potential security and safety risks for all facility activities.

Investigation Tools

Extract information from all sensors and databases for After Action Review and evidence preparation.

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digital security solutions

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